New Features Of The Therevox ET-5 Analog Synthesizer

At Knobcon 2023, instrument designer Mike Beauchamp debuted the Therevox ET-5, the latest version of his unique expressive synthesizer, inspired by the classic Ondes Martenot.

He shared this video, which demonstrates the new instrument and highlights what’s new:

  • New performance controls can be reassigned in any combination through the new Eurorack compatible Patch Panel.
  • Create new sounds using guitar pedals through the fully integrated Effects Loop and power them directly from the ET-5.
  • Control several synthesizers at once using MPE MIDI and USB.

Here’s another demo of the Therevox ET-5 in action:

Pricing and Availability:

The Therevox ET-5 is priced at $2950 USD. The current waiting list time is 24 months. See the Therevox site for details.

4 thoughts on “New Features Of The Therevox ET-5 Analog Synthesizer

  1. This is really nice but …With Osmose you are 90% there, in what this thing does and 100% in other places where this thing can’t get. However if i could spare the money for this i would.

  2. Hard to comprehend 24 months waiting for anything I can barely stand 6 weeks shipping lol that’s a me problem. I want one of these so bad though, such an object of desire!

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