Korg KAOSS Replay Is A ‘Flagship’ KAOSS Pad

Korg today introduced the KAOSS Replay – a ‘flagship’ take on the classic KAOSS Pad concept.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“KAOSS Replay is a self-contained performance tool that reshapes the KAOSS legacy, serving as an all-in-one solution for musicians, performers, and producers. It features unparalleled KAOSS Pad and Effects, expanded sample playback and sampling capabilities, and intuitive and precise DJ controls. In a portable stand-alone unit, KAOSS Replay facilitates electrifying KAOSS-infused performances on the fly, eliminating the need for additional equipment.”

KAOSS Replay builds on the KAOSS Legacy, with 128 new KAOSS FX, including filters, delays, reverbs, modulation effects, loopers, vocoders, and synth effects.


  • Pad sampler with integrated Kaoss effects and performance functions;
  • 16 velocity-sensitive sample pads with coloured LED lighting;
  • 5 inch OLED touch display for intuitive control of the Kaoss effects;
  • 128 sample slots per project (16 pads with 8 banks each); each sample pad can contain a one-shot, a loop or a complete song;
  • up to 100 projects can be stored on a microSD card (up to 32 GB memory cards are supported, 8 GB microSDHC card included);
  • 128 dynamic Kaoss effects;
  • 2 freely assignable group faders for seamless transitions between samples and tracks; tap / auto BPM, sync, quantise and variable audio functions;
  • 12 favorite memories;
  • 12 hot cue points per sample pad;
  • integrated USB audio interface (2 in / 2 out, 48 kHz, 16-bit);
  • additional effects for the microphone input: Tone, Delay, Reverb;
  • recording functions: Sampling, resampling (maximum 30 minutes), live recording (maximum 100 minutes);
  • connections: Line / phono input RCA (switchable with switchable phono gian), microphone input 6.3 mm jack (only suitable for dynamic microphones), AUX input 3.5 mm mini jack stereo, line output RCA, stereo headphone output 6.3 mm jack, foot switch input 6.3 mm jack, MIDI input and output, USB MIDI (1x input and output);
  • Dimensions: 185 x 284 x 56 mm (W x D x H); Weight: 2 kg

Korg KAOSS Replay Demo Video:

Pricing and Availability:

The Korg KAOSS Replay is expected to be available in Jan 2024, with a street price around $1,000 USD.

6 thoughts on “Korg KAOSS Replay Is A ‘Flagship’ KAOSS Pad

  1. I wish they’d have added some footswitch control because that is really the only thing the kp3 lacked back then. If i could control a device from the ground it instantly starts competing with guitar gear and becomes useful for any instrument player, which is where i have found these fx really shine. The hands-on system is great but forces you to keep your attention on a device on a table.

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