Universal Audio LUNA Digital Audio Workstation Now Available As Free Download For MacOS

Universal Audio has announced that its LUNA Digital Audio Workstation – previously only available to UA Apollo customers – is now available as a free download for all Mac users, no UA hardware required.

UA says that LUNA is the only recording software with the sound of classic studio equipment, like analog console summing and tape machine emulations, built right in.

“Today we are thrilled to make LUNA, our award?winning DAW, free to all Mac users. No UA hardware and no purchase required.” says Connor Sexton, Product Manager at Universal Audio. “With LUNA and the LUNA Pro Bundle your music will have album?quality sound from the start.”


  • Record and playback as many tracks as your machine can handle with unlimited track count.
  • Analog Summing, Tape Machines, Channel Strips, Bus and Parallel Compression built into the LUNA mixer with LUNA Extensions, no extra plug-ins or separate windows required
  • Create with record-ready sounds from Shape, a comprehensive toolkit instrument with every sound needed to finish a track or start an idea
  • Quantize audio more efficiently with LUNA’s proprietary Razor Blade and Polyphonic warp algorithms
  • Recall key moments, song variations, and creative ideas with intuitive and powerful full preview Import Session Data
  • Avoid modes and menu diving with LUNA’s smart tool and session browser
  • Get powerful tactile control with industry leading control surfaces including Softube Console 1, SSL 360, and MCU
  • Easily use your favorite Audio Units plug-ins and instruments

In addition to LUNA Digital Audio Workstation, UA offers the Pro Bundle, a $399 collection of UAD Plug?ins and LUNA Extensions, co?created with API, Ampex, Studer, Pultec, and others. Mac users can try the essential LUNA Extensions and UAD Plug?ins add?on bundle free for 30 days.


LUNA is available now as a free download for MacOS.

7 thoughts on “Universal Audio LUNA Digital Audio Workstation Now Available As Free Download For MacOS

  1. This won’t draw me away from Logic, but it’ll be a good addition for some producers, because of the UA pedigree. I see people mention using 2 or 3 different DAWs for their unique aspects, like working in Cubase at home, but using Ableton for concerts. I think this will eventually become that kind of companion DAW. Not everyone loves the Applesphere.

  2. It is not that free 🙂 first you need to download ua download software, I don’t like all this ”visitors”every time i am turning on the computer.

  3. I think the previous comments say pretty much everything.
    But my take on this is choose a tool you’re comfortable with and stick with it.
    I’m sure you could argue all day long about nuances.
    But for me it’s the ideas that count.

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