Korg KOASS Replay Dynamic Effects Processor & Sampler

In his latest loopop video, synthesist Ziv Eliraz reviews the new Korg KAOSS Replay – a flagship take on the classic KAOSS concept.

The KAOSS Replay goes way beyond the OG KAOSS Pad, but also is priced around $1000. Is it worth it?

Check out the review and share your thoughts in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:30 Overview
2:40 Pad, banks
4:55 Faders, groups
5:20 Program, Cue
7:05 Native, Ref BPM
7:45 I/O
8:50 Monitor
9:40 SD import
12:20 Pad edit
14:25 Time-stretch
16:30 Quantize
17:15 Vari pitch
18:15 KAOSS FX
18:35 Filters
19:00 Mod fx
19:25 LFO fx
19:55 Delay, verb
20:35 Loop fx
21:20 Vocoder fx
21:50 Voice fx
23:25 Synth fx
24:30 Sampling
25:45 Looper?
28:15 Live rec
28:45 Misc
29:10 MIDI
29:20 Pros, cons
33:30 Outro

19 thoughts on “Korg KOASS Replay Dynamic Effects Processor & Sampler

  1. This could have been really good and hit a perfect price point. All im seeing is limitations and a high price. Maybe they’ll put out a more “focused” version like the Kaoss Quad, multi-fx, motion sequencing and thats it. Just chop off the whole bottom half, everything doesnt need to be a sampler. Thats what samplers are for and there are plenty.

        1. No envelopes, 1 Kaoss effect at a time (for the price and cause Kaoss Quad), Not portable (almost every new sampler is portable at a similar ot lower price point), RCA’s (like WTF), No sequencing, so sampler= yes, but everything else that makes a sampler usable= no. Probably some more stuff but thats just from the video.

    1. I kind of agree.
      For the £1000 Korg are asking, you can do all of this (plus a LOT more) with a MPC One and still have enough change to buy Roland SP-404 MK2.
      However, I’m more of a producer / beat maker than a DJ.
      I think for DJ’s this will be a fair bit of kit.

    2. The Kaos Pad 3 had sample playback capability so it’s not entirely out of wack for the prduct line

      It’s completely half baked though

  2. Hey Korg, please make a stripped down version without the sampler for 400 bucks. A lot of us just want a cool effects box for our synths and drum machines. I’ve never even used the sampling functions on my KP3. I have an MPC for that.

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