Cherry Audio Intros Pro Soloist Virtual Instrument

Cherry Audio has introduced Pro Soloist, a virtual instrument based on the ARP Pro Soloist from 1972, for macOS & Windows.

They say that Pro Soloist goes far beyond the original design, by making the synth fully programmable, and expanding it with full polyphony, splits and layers, an arpeggiator, a mod matrix, integrated studio-quality effects and more.

Cherry Audio has added a dual-layer voicing architecture, with 16 polyphonic voices per layer, that enables two different presets simultaneously, with independent panning for rich stereo timbres and complex sounds. Pro Soloist also includes a split keyboard mode and a “Last Note” option that they say simulates polyphonic aftertouch using monophonic-aftertouch controllers.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Virtual instrument based on ARP’s 1972 preset-based monophonic analog synth
  • Reproduces the controls and 30 presets, and surfaces the unique underlying analog synthesis architecture to make it fully programmable
  • Dual-layer voicing architecture with 16 polyphonic voices per layer: two different Pro Soloist style sounds simultaneously playable, in either a keyboard split or stacked layer mode, with discrete controls for layer volume and panning
  • Three-panel interface: Performance mode, with the original paddle presets; Edit mode, revealing all of the original’s unique analog synthesis architecture parameters; and Arp/FX mode
  • All Pro Soloist voicing parameters reproduced and exposed, including the five parallel 2-pole bandpass filters of the Resonator Bank, expanded with individual frequency curves
  • Touch Sensor Effects controls to apply aftertouch to volume, brilliance (filter), and portamento, with adjustable touch sensitivity
  • Mono (retrigger or legato, low or high-note priority) and polyphonic modes, with a “last” note option to simulate polyphonic aftertouch with a monophonic aftertouch controller for more expressive performance possibilities
  • Voltage-controlled oscillator with sawtooth and pulse waves, plus a “Super Wave” option for fatter tones
  • VCO modulation with ADSR PWM, AR PWM, LFO PWM, and LFO FM
  • 24dB/oct Voltage-controlled filer (VCF) with filter invert and modulation with ADSR, AR, LFO, Growl (a specialized low-frequency oscillator), velocity, and keyboard tracking
  • Voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with modulation by ADSR, AR, LFO, and velocity, and independent per-layer control over volume and panning
  • Tempo-syncable LFO with sine, ramp, sawtooth, and square waveforms
  • Resonant highpass filter with cutoff frequency from 20 Hz to 1300 Hz
  • Resonator Bank with five parallel bandpass filters with continuously variable frequency and resonance controls, all individually modulatable via the Mod Matrix. The frequency curves of the originals are provided and any of the resonators can be set to individually to any of the curves, in any combination.
  • ADSR (attack/decay/sustain/release) and AR (attack/release) envelope generators
  • Powerful but easy-to-use Modulation Matrix with six slots and simple click-to-assign functionality: 22 sources and 58 destinations, including Pro Soloist’s integrated effects
  • Arpeggiator with MIDI tempo sync with Down, Up, Up/Down, and Random
  • Panel Control for selecting layer controls, including utility functions for duplicating and exchanging synthesis and effects parameters between layers and presets
  • Preset Paddles includes each of the 30 original Pro Soloist factory presets
  • 450 presets, accessible in a preset browser
  • 12 studio-quality integrated effects: distortion, 2/4/6/8 stage phaser with sync, flanger/chorus with sync, three types of stereo echo/delay with sync, and five types of reverb, with easy-to-access global or layer settings
  • Complete MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls, with easy-to-use MIDI learn and mapping (Preset and Global)
  • Cherry Audio’s Focus zoom-in feature, as well as standard UI zoom and resize via drag
  • Complete documentation available directly online from the instrument or in downloadable PDF format
  • User-adjustable oversampling control

Pricing and Availability:

Pro Soloist is available now with an intro price of $49 (normally $69).

2 thoughts on “Cherry Audio Intros Pro Soloist Virtual Instrument

  1. I was a bit suspicious because of the prog imprint, but I’m liking the demo. It still sounds like an ARP, but way beefier than the original. Its also a great Omni-fied string synth when played in poly mode. You can personalize it now, far beyond the legendary presets. For me, it makes what I like best from ARP more accessible. CA does nice work, because it feels like the Pro Soloist you’d see if it was 2023-new.

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