Sunny Synths Intros Behringer Pro-800 Patch Editor & Librarian

Sunny Synths has introduced a Behringer Pro-800 Editor and Librarian, following previously introduced editors from Momo Müller & Björn Lohmander.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The panel is an editor and librarian for the Behringer Pro-800, and covers all parameters at program level. It doesn’t handle the Global settings for the moment (waiting for documentation from Behringer).

Besides the editor, you will also benefit from a complete librarian. It will allow you to manage an image of the content of your Pro-800 but also two “disk” banks that are banks only on your PC. From there you are able to perform different program operations between the banks (copy, swap, initialize and move) but also perform a morphing between the current program and a destination program with parameters locking.”


  • Behringer Pro-800 interface with same look as actual synthesizer
  • Top row of support “screens” with old look displaying the current program name and category, current parameter name, actual and saved values
  • Rotary buttons with colored ring
  • Switches with same look as synth
  • Bi-directional behavior: modifying a parameter on the panel modifies it on the synth; modifying a parameter on the synth modifies the panel
  • Envelopes graphs handled by mouse or classical ADSR rotary encoders
  • Linear and exponential curves
  • Handling of the different Unison modes and of the Unison Chord intervals
  • XY pad for simultaneous control of 2 parameters
  • Load / Save programs from banks or from individual .syx files
  • Load old format individual .syx files
  • Access to any bank of 400 programs directly on the main panel
  • Uses the A00 as program buffer as for the moment there is no command to Receive/Send from/to the Pro-800 edit buffer
  • Direct mode to change programs on the synth
  • Easy program renaming
  • Ability to morph between the current program and any other program with parameter locking
  • Display and export of program parameters (current values, saved values, both, comparison, differences) as text file
  • Programs have a name, category, author, save date and description
  • Complete librarian providing handling of 2 disk banks and one “Pro-800” bank (400 programs by bank). The “Pro-800” bank can be received/sent from/to the actual synthesizer.
  • Reads banks containing old sysex format presets and with missing (empty) presets
  • Load any number of programs (or just A-D banks) as full 400 programs bank
  • Save the A-D banks separately or the complete 400 programs bank
  • Operations in banks for programs: rename, init, copy, multi-copy (as-is/collated), move, swap programs
  • Different switches to modify the behavior of the panel according to your way of working
  • Panel zoom with memory
  • Standalone versions for PC and Mac
  • VST versions for PC (64 bits)
  • VST and AU versions for Mac)

Pricing and Availability:

The Editor is available now for 20 EUR.

7 thoughts on “Sunny Synths Intros Behringer Pro-800 Patch Editor & Librarian

  1. B builds are notoriously iffy, so if you like the sound, this program seems wise. Aside from the global settings, it allows you to access it without putting any unnecessary strain on the knobs. It makes it seem less risky. I loved my Prophet-600, so the idea of a module version feels appealing. A lot of others seem to agree.

      1. I have a Model D, Neutron, and Odyssey and have had them for years and use them often and have had zero problems with them. I also bought a Wasp Deluxe last year and have had zero problems with it as well.

        1. Alexander & TimS

          Your logical fallacy: Anecdotal. You used a personal experience or an isolated example, instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence.

          Glad to hear that both of you have had good luck with your Behringer synths, but you’re not making an intelligent case to counter Dave’s statement that “B builds are notoriously iffy”.

          It’s a trivial task to find forum threads where people discuss significant problems they’ve had with Behringer’s synths, more so than with most other brands.

          It’s easy to find empirical evidence of ways that Behringer has cut corners on their build quality, too.

          Enjoy your Behringer synths for what they are – good knockoffs. When you make comments taking issue with the obvious, though, no one will take you seriously.

          1. I don’t think that’s fair. Browsing the forums, there’s not really any grumpiness about build quality on the Neutron-format instruments. I think Jexus rated the Pro 800 higher than Modwave for build quality.

            Also, it makes sense that they can achieve quality control, they have an elaborate production line system and enough economies of scale that they can build it in to the production process, once they know what kinds of issue to look out for.

            I do know that the Behringer Motor controller was withdrawn quite quickly and reportedly had some quality control issue. For this reason I am waiting to see how everyone else finds the Behringer PolyAT keybed. But honestly I don’t think many people are complaining about the build quality on the Neutron format.

            Hopefully then it’s clear that I’m not a fanboy. I don’t like the knock-off kitsch and I wish they would think slightly out-of-the-box with the ancient designs, e.g. why no knob for velocity sensitivity.

          2. And what sort of logical validity do you assign to your argument, which seems to be based on zero evidence, not even anecdotal?

            Seriously, do tell us: what is your evidence?

          3. I never claimed my experience is anything else but anecdotal. But so is yours. You talk of “empirical evidence” yet fail to present it. As for me, I am a musician and not a market researcher. All I have to share in this conversation is the “anecdotal evidence” that of the more than 40 vintage and contemporary synths and drum machines in my studio, the two things I own from Behringer did not give me any issues so far. As for your claim to “taking issue with the obvious,” I don’t think I wrote anything to give the impression that I do. I am happy to read about all the different opinions and experiences people have with different kinds of gear out there. Whether or not anyone takes me seriously is their business, and I try not to lose any sleep over it. Have fun making music!

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