Arturia V Collection X Now Available, Here’s What’s New

Arturia has announced the availability of V Collection X, the latest update to their suite of software instruments.

Here’s what’s new in Arturia V Collection X:

  • CP-70 V – Electro-acoustic piano fusing detailed sampling with authentic modeling for an intimate stage sound.
  • MiniFreak V – Hybrid synth combining digital voices, modeled analog filters, deep modulation and expressive features.
  • Acid V – “Cult-classic bass synth” with extra features for reactive, ever-evolving lysergic grooves and mutated sequences.
  • Augmented WOODWINDS – Atmospheric, organic and augmented woodwind array, captured in detail and combined with state-of-the-art synthesis.
  • Augmented BRASS – Unique and powerful brass sounds for modern production uniting accurate reproduction with bold synth engines.
  • Augmented GRAND PIANO – Expressive, contemporary and abstract piano sounds, beautifully recorded and fused with cutting-edge synthesis.
  • Mini V and Wurli V Rebuilt – Mini V and Wurli V have been completely rebuilt from the ground-up, with brand new sound engines, updated features, and enhanced production capabilities.
  • 3 Expansion Packs – An exclusively-crafted selection of presets demonstrating the sonic prowess V Collection X’s new titles – from evocative ambient spaces to innovative underground sounds and modern soul essences.

V Collection X Playthrough Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

V Collection X is available now for $599 USD. Intro pricing is available for registered users through Jan 7th, 2024.

11 thoughts on “Arturia V Collection X Now Available, Here’s What’s New

  1. This Augmented stuff is interesting, but when the hell are they going to include classic drum machines as part of the V Collection? LinnDrum, CR-78, 808, 909, etc… I’m certain that many many more people are interested in drum machines than say, Augmented Woodwinds. I’ve been on the V Collection since version 7 and this looks like the first one I’ll skip.

    1. I think they will add analog modelled drum machines. It’s not a dumb idea at all in the format Arturia makes things. They might already have been working on drum machine plugins for years. Who knows.

    1. never buy anything intro/full price from Arturia, they’re 50% off 50% of the time (and even cheaper when a new version is coming).

  2. Wow, this is really underwhelming. This is the first upgrade in a while that I’m going to skip, especially considering I already have three of these (Acid, Minifreak, Augmented Brass.) A new piano doesn’t interest me, nor does an updated mini moog, and especially not the wurli. Weak stuff from Arturia.

  3. Still don’t understand what Augmented instruments are doing in VC? They should be packed in another “acoustic” bundle. Yet OK for the price.
    Like Acid V sound and presets – could beat updated 303 from D16.

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