Solid State Logic PlateVerb Now Available

Solid State Logic has introduced PlateVerb, a new audio effect plugin that they say delivers the sound of classic and contemporary reverbs in a streamlined ‘FX pedal’ style interface.

PlateVerb is designed to emulate the distinct sound of classic plate reverb in your DAW, combining two ‘SSL-crafted’ algorithms for Early Reflections and Late Reflections. It offers reverb decay times ranging from a subtle 100 milliseconds to 3 seconds, for a variety of applications.

SSL says that Plateverb can deliver classic plate reverb sound, while also offering features like color adjustment, ducking with external side-chain, and freeze.


  • Early/Late Reflections Control: Blend early reflections and late tail for versatile sound shaping.
  • Diffusion Adjustment: Fine-tune the density of late tail reflections.
  • Decay and Room Size Customization: Tailor the reverb decay time and room size for precise spatial effects.
  • Damping Controls: Limit decay in low/high frequencies for a cleaner sound.
  • Color Adjustment: Modify the harmonic colour to emulate various plate materials.
  • Ducking with Sidechaining: Apply gain reduction based on incoming level, with internal or external sidechain options.
  • Advanced Mix Control: All-in-one control lets you effortlessly blend any combination of wet and dry signals.
  • Freeze and Kill Options: Unique reverb tail manipulation for creative effects.

Pricing and Availability:

PlateVerb is now available as part of SSL Complete, which is included in the ‘complete access’ dual subscription for $19.99/month.

17 thoughts on “Solid State Logic PlateVerb Now Available

  1. Another product that I’m interested in and probably would have bought if it weren’t part of a subscription swindle.

    1. If you click through to it, you can purchase it separately at $99. Their stuff also goes on sale too, unless you mean as a point of principle you won’t buy from a company that offers subscriptions.

      1. no, subscriptions are vulgar IMHO. However, I did make the move this year (and for one year) and now with access to the sweetshop, have changed my diet. too much sugar. can now confirm for myself that I do not need most of them and have better knowledge of what my actual lack is and is not, and remedy such things, stopping a tendency to make anxiety driven purchase decisions disguised as fantasy career investments. this way the few that are actually needed are noted, and can invest long term with few permanent licenses. Glad I made the slate sub decision this year as a result, but that does not mean forever. All the best.

        1. If you would have actually pressed the link you could have known you can buy it for 99$ without a subscription, but it seems you prefer to talk about your new diet.

            1. You might have clicked but we still learnt about your diet. I have a few of the SSL plug ins and none on subscription. Get the SSL on a deal. Its almost like a lot of software companies do that. I have audio/video software in subscription. In a pro environment that works well – once we got the accoiunts people’s heads around the model. SSL offer both. I have taken advantage.

    2. Where do you see the “swindle” in subscritions? I pay for example 24 Euro monthly for UVI SonicPass with all the future releases included. If I would like to have all their stuff in perpetual licenses, I would have to pay around 14 000 for currently existing products…

  2. It is also part of the the Slate Digital subscription, which includes the SSL Complete collection as of December 2023. I’m no fan of the subscription model, but in my professional opinion, Slate is the one package for which I’ve made an exception. They add useful new products every single year, there are frequent updates, and the Virtual Mix Rack is indispensable. It is a relative bargain at $200/year.

  3. Subscriptions aren’t a swindle–just a different revenue approach for software developers.

    Ideally, developers (as in this case) will offer both options and price them accordingly.

    There are several plate reverb sims out there now. And many more IR’s for convolution.

    As an aside, I really hope Fractal updates their FAS FX Reverb to Apple Silicon some day.

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