Zero-G Intros Mobeus Modular ‘Cinematic Synth Phrase Creator’

Zero-G has introduced Mobeus Modular, a Kontakt-based ‘Cinematic Synth Phrase Creator’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Mobeus Modular is a powerhouse, delivering rhythmic patterns, textured grooves, and atmospheric wonders tailor-made for cinematic and experimental escapades. With over 200 meticulously crafted sounds sourced from analog wizardry, and digital sorcery, each note resonates with the personal touch of their creator, Si Begg. These auditory gems have withstood the trials of trailers, film, and TV score composition.”

Here’s the official overview:


  • Over 3.6 GB of samples
  • Complex 3-Layer Engine
  • 150 Snapshot Presets
  • 200 Sample Sources
  • Dedicated effects, envelope, pan, pitch, speed controls, LFOs and filters per layer

Pricing and Availability:

Mobeus Modular is available with an intro price of $47.95 USD (normally $59.95).

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