Dubreq David Bowie Stylophone Limited Edition Demo

The latest Musical Miscellany video takes a look at the recently introduced Dubreq David Bowie Stylophone, a ‘limited edition’ version of the Stylophone, inspired by Bowie’s use of the instrument on his classic Space Oddity.

It’s a standard Stylophone, but with a custom look.

Topics covered:

Intro – 0:00
Stylophone Unbox & Overview – 1:13
Case Unbox & Overview – 2:54
Sound Samples (direct audio) – 3:33
Included Tabs – 6:33
Internal Speaker Demo – 7:44
Conclusion – 8:37

Pricing and Availability:

The Bowie Stylophone is available now for 39.95 USD. A Bowie case is also available

5 thoughts on “Dubreq David Bowie Stylophone Limited Edition Demo

  1. For 50 years I’ve watched Dubreq tout Bowie playing this. I swear all I hear on the recording is a glissando. Maybe an F and an E. Spectacular!

  2. First there was Rolf Harris, convicted paedophile. Now David Bowie, accused of underage sex. What message are Dubreq trying to send?

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