Roland SP-404mk2 Gets Firmware Update For 404 Day

Roland let us know that their SP-404MKII Sampler is getting a new firmware update, version 4.04, in celebration of ‘404 Day.

This is the SP-404MKII’s most extensive update yet. Here’s what’s new:

  • Loop Capture, inspired by the iconic SP-555: Experience fluid live looping by capturing and layering audio of internal samples, external instruments, and mic’d-up sound sources.
  • Koala App Integration: Adjust a range of app parameters directly from the SP-404MKII using Koala controller mode, or send audio from Koala to and from your SP via USB for adding effects or recording samples,
  • Multipad Export: Send all or selected pads of a pattern as individual multitrack audio for refining SP sessions in a DAW or share files with collaborators for remixing.
  • Groove Function: Infuse rhythmic loops and other audio with subtle to extreme groove swing, inspired by VP-9000 VariPhrase.
  • Sound Generator: Create basslines and other melodic content using 15 different waveforms generated directly by the SP-404MKII.
  • Plus a range of additional new features to further improve workflow like Preset Measure Sampling, TR-REC Microscope Editing, Sample Merge, and Bounce Pattern Chains.

See the Roland site to download the free update.

7 thoughts on “Roland SP-404mk2 Gets Firmware Update For 404 Day

  1. Another incredible update to a great instrument – thanks Roland!
    The 404 just keeps getting better and better!

  2. I find the Koala App Integration superfluous as I’m not planning to get a extra handheld device with an external app….

    1. I imagine this is for people who already have Koala, and it also works as a way to potentially intrigue Koala users to buy a 404. I’m super happy about it because I use both, but if you don’t have an Android phone or tablet, or an iPad or iPhone then sure, you may not be enthused, but I think the rest of us are.

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