BLEASS Introduces Multiband Compressor For iOS & Desktop

BLEASS has introduced Multiband Compressor Рa powerful plugin  for injecting loudness, power and punch into mixes, stems and tracks.

Multiband dynamics processors have many advantages over conventional broadband processors. By separating your audio into three frequency bands, and processing each band independently, BLEASS Multiband Compressor can ensure that loud passages and transients in one frequency range do not impact on how the other bands behave.

This eliminates the “volume pumping” effect often exhibited by broadband compressors, making it perfect for processing drum kits, synths, pianos, full mixes and stems.

Key Features:

  • Each of BLEASS Multiband Compressor’s three bands features a dual-stage dynamics processor. This consists of an Above stage that senses for and processes signals whose level exceeds the Above threshold, and a Below stage that senses for and processes signals that are quieter than the Below threshold.
  • Each stage can also operate as either a compressor or, by dialing in Ratio values below 1:1, an expander. This makes it a very flexible tool for controlling the volume and loudness of your mixes, stems and parts.
  • BLEASS Multiband Compressor also features a flexible sidechain system. This allows you to choose which bands will key from the input signal in the normal way, and which will key from a filtered and/or external signal. This is ideal for corrective work such as controlling resonances, sibilances and other unwanted artifacts, but is also a powerful creative tool, allowing for creative ducking effects and deep dynamics control.
  • Finally, the plugin provides comprehensive output level and dry / wet balance control, along with a soft clipping feature that ensures overly-hot signals don’t become harsh, but instead take on a classic valve-like saturation character.
  • Multiband Compressor is designed for both desktop use (VST3 / AU / AAX / M1 Compatible) and for iOS (AUv3).

Pricing and Availability

Multiband Compressor is available now for download now via the BLEASS webstore, with an intro price of $19.99 USD, normally $29. The iOS version, for iPhone and iPad, is available for $6.99 via the Apple App Store.

See the BLEASS website for more information.

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