Korg ARP 2600M Available At Blow-Out Price

We have not seen any official word on this, but it looks like Korg may be blowing out the remaining stock of their ARP 2600M. They’ve got it listed on their USA Reverb Direct store for $1,299.99, a $700 price drop.

Korg describes the ARP 2600M as a genuine ARP 2600 in a more convenient size. The ARP 2600 M is around 60% the original size, making it lighter, more portable and easier to place and use in a studio. And it features the same analog circuitry and components as the ARP 2600 FS, reproducing the characteristic ARP sound.

The new ARP 2600 M is not only faithful to the original, but it adds a variety of features to make it fit more easily into modern studios:

  • Plug and play: Connect any class compliant MIDI controller such as a KORG microKeys, nanokeys or SQ-64 to one of the ARP 2600 M’s USB ports (USB-A and USB-B) and automatically get full control of your instrument
  • Two types of filters from two versions of the original ARP 2600?4012 type, 4072 type)
  • DIN MIDI IN added
  • Pitch-bend, Modulation and Portamento ON/OFF can be controlled through MIDI CC messages (USB/DIN MIDI)
  • Normalized voltage: The threshold of the trigger signal required to activate the ADSR through the S/H GATE JACK has become 5V, making it much easier to use in combination with other gear such as volcas or Eurorack modules
  • Improved Attack and Release time ratios
  • L/R Stereo Output Jack (instead of XLR)
  • Speakers turn automatically off when using headphones
  • Improved, smoother sliders

See their site for details.

17 thoughts on “Korg ARP 2600M Available At Blow-Out Price

    1. they both have plastic ‘jacks’. B2600 doesn’t have speakers. B2600 has three speed settings for envelopes. layout and control types are a bit different.

      either one would be a good choice. i had the Korg Odyssey and the Behringer odyssey; both sounded great, although the Behringer is 1/2 the price. have not encountered any poor components as of yet.

      1. This is incorrect.
        The Korg has metal jacks with screw on nuts to protect the jacks from the constant plug in / out of patch cables. The Behringer only has these on the 1/4 inch audio outputs.
        Also, the Behringer has a digital reverb built in whereas the Korg has an actual spring reverb.
        As mentioned elsewhere in the comments the Behringer also has an additional LFO but doesn’t have the built in speakers. The Behringer also has LED’s on the sliders.

        1. The lack of panel washers and nuts are just one the obvious places Behringer cheaps out with their knockoffs.

          Almost no other company does this, because it WILL cause your instrument to fail – but it takes a few years.

          My BeatStep Pro failed for this exact reason – they didn’t secure the power connector, so it wiggles around every time you connect the power and then eventually the solder gets cracks in it and fails. But not until after the warranty expires. 🙁

          1. My Korg MS-20 Mini has fake panel washers/nuts. I bought it shortly after the MS-20 Mini was released and haven’t had any problems with them all of these years.

      1. It is smaller but sonically it’s the real deal, according to Anthony Marinelli.

        Unlike some of Korg’s other reissues that have been reduced in size, this still does not feel cramped and the controls all feel good and well calibrated throughout their range.

        I’d highly recommend grabbing one of these 2600m synths while you can. I almost went for the Behringer one but while this was more expensive ( I got it at the blow out price), I felt that it sounded as authentic as possible and was built to a higher quality standard. See the thread regarding jacks, etc. above. The Korg jacks have metal rings, feel good, and are panel mounted.

        1. Does the 2600m have actual panel nuts? The Korg MS-20m (I have one) has fake screws/nuts that have the look but are not actually nuts. Based on the photos, the ones on 2600m look like the ones on the MS-20m.

          1. The jacks are metal and are clipped (or riveted?) to the panel. There aren’t threaded nuts, so it’s not as convenient for repairs as threaded nuts, but it’s better than plastic trim that doesn’t actually attach the jacks to the panel.

  1. The Karp 2600 missing controller keyboard and thus missing LFO makes it incomplete.
    The Barp 2600 has the LFO build into the unit, which is a good choice.

  2. I ordered one, Got no email, checked the site and it said my bank declined my card. After 4 hours I found out the problem. My bank cleared the first purchase of the 2600M, but since I’m not a high roller, they declined the second purchase of the 2600M, having exceeded my credit limit.
    WHEW! I only wanted one . .

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