KOMA Elektronik Introduces Chromaplane Polyphonic Electromagnetic Synthesizer

KOMA Elektronik and Passepartout Duo have introduced Chromaplane, a unique new polyphonic electromagnetic instrument.

The Chromaplane features a touchless interface, organic analog sounds, and an intuitive way of playing, all made possible by invisible electromagnetic fields.

KOMA says that the Chromaplane “combines the expressivity of traditional acoustic instruments, with the endless experimentation of electronic sound design.”

Here’s the official Chromaplane intro video:

Audio demo video:

Pricing and Availability:

KOMA is planning to fund production of the Chromaplane via a crowdfunding campaign, which they say will be launching soon. See their site for more information.

3 thoughts on “KOMA Elektronik Introduces Chromaplane Polyphonic Electromagnetic Synthesizer

  1. “[a]ll made possible by invisible electromagnetic fields.” – because not all electromagnetic fields are invisible, or stay crispy in milk.

  2. It feels like someone drew the basics on a cocktail napkin while drunk, sobered up and built what they’d drawn. The sound is too fascinating to write off as a toy. Although It might seem to defeat the freewheeling purpose, I’d find it more inviting with a simple grid for reference. It comes across as a weird cousin to MPE, so it has a lot of space music potential. I hear some interesting guitar/woodwind-like performances waiting in the background.

  3. Looks very fun and original. I alreay own an Elektrosluch electromagnetic microphone and this is taking it on another level. Onstabuy from me if its priced right.

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