Grayscale Intros Nexus Advanced Macro Controller For Eurorack Modular Systems

Grayscale has introduced a new Eurorack module, Nexus, that they describe as an advanced macro controller.

Nexus brings the unique keyframing concept of the Mutable Instruments Frames back to the Eurorack format. While retaining the same 18hp width as the original, Nexus provides eight more VCA channels, a faster workflow, an improved hardware spec, and numerous new features intended to provide an unprecedented level of control over complex modular patches.

Keyframing is a technique borrowed from digital animation. A keyframe marks the VCA levels of 12 different channels at a single moment in time. Up to 32 keyframes can be stored on a timeline, and the timeline position is controlled by a single large knob.

When the timeline position is changed and levels vary between keyframes on the same channel, various interpolation algorithms may be applied to create smooth transitions between different levels.

]The timeline position can be controlled manually by turning the large knob, modulated by an external control voltage, or sequenced with a trigger source.

Pricing and Availability:

Nexus is available now for $399 USD.

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