Free Tangerine Dream Sound Library For The Korg Modwave

In his latest video, synthesist and sound designer Ian Dixon demonstrates his new free Tangerine Dream sound library for the Korg modwave.

Here’s what Dixon has to say about the sound library:

Immerse yourself in the legendary sounds of Tangerine Dream with this free sound pack for the Korg Modwave. Inspired by the pioneering electronic music group founded by Edgar Froese in 1967, this collection brings iconic sounds from albums like “Phaedra,” “Poland,” and “Tangram,” as well as tracks like “White Eagle” and “Dolphin Dance.”

This pack includes:

  • 80+ performances and programs
  • Atmospheric pads
  • Sequences
  • Lead sounds
  • Sound effects

The sound library is available now as a free download.

How close do you think the Korg modwave sounds to Tangerine Dream’s original synths? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Free Tangerine Dream Sound Library For The Korg Modwave

  1. Excellent work. Everything is right on the mark. The only critique I can offer is that the sound is wavetable-clean, so it lacks a smidge of the old grit, but then, that’s where TD started going as soon as the gear appeared. They’ve always embraced whatever was new, so its not a bug, its a feature. This set would be a great blend with an analog poly.

    I’d love to write my own music over a couple of my favorite TD sequences, but people would wrinkle their noses into a knot and they’d be right. 😛

    1. If the end result has something interesting in it, who cares, make the best music you can, all methods are legit, only the end result counts.

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