Erica Synths Introduces EDU DIY LABOR, A ‘Fully-Featured Circuit Design Playground’

Erica Synths today introduced the MKI x ES Labor, a new device that they describe as “a fully-featured circuit design playground.”

The MKI x ES Labor was developed in collaboration with Dr. Shalom D. Ruben, teaching professor for engineering at the University of Colorado.

It’s designed to serve as a universal learning tool for electronics engineering, and to create Eurorack-compatible voltages.


  • Built in dual power supply producing eurorack-compatible voltages, with built-in over current protection for safe experimenting
  • Modular interfacing section with 16 slots for potentiometers, jacks & switches
  • Pulse/triangle/sine oscillator (audio & LFO range)
  • Multi mode envelope generator controlled by a premium push button
  • Buffered variable control voltage source
  • Output amplifier with variable gain
  • Dedicated headphone output and a line-level output for recording, processing and analyzing the signal
  • Expansion slot for installing specialized prototyping tools
  • Protective lid to cover a breadboard.

Intro Video:

Pricing and Availability:

THe EDU DIY Labor Basic Kit is available starting at € 170.00, with shipping expected to start June 18, 2024.

One thought on “Erica Synths Introduces EDU DIY LABOR, A ‘Fully-Featured Circuit Design Playground’

  1. Very interesting from Moritz/Erica. I reckon this looks like a really great launching point for DIY experimentation, encourages learning the electrical processes actually going on in synth circuit designs. Hats off!

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