New Project Clones Yamaha CS-80

Retrolinear shared this video overview and demo of their new clone of the Yamaha CS-80 synth voice card.

The new card is designed to be a true functional clone of the CS voice card, so it’s physically compatible with the original and functionally equivalent. Based on their initial testing, they say it’s sonically indistinguishable from the original, but it has more stable tuning.

They haven’t said anything about plans for the cards, but the cards could be used to restore vintage synths, used to improve on the original’s tuning stability, or be used to create true Yamaha CS clone.

8 thoughts on “New Project Clones Yamaha CS-80

  1. This looks really cool but I’d be careful about showing the PCB because Beheringer might copy it and release a picture of the synth boxes neatly stacked on a palette signifying that it’s ready to ship any day now. Just saying

  2. I wish Yamaha itself would consider doing this. If you bought a grand piano from the 70s, you could still get it fixed today. For a few of their iconic instruments, it would be nice to have some parts available, though I know the costs and practicality are not feasible.

  3. Replacement cards for vintage repairs sounds like a very limited market. Lets hope they take the same route as Deckard’s Dream and Behringer and design a standalone unit.

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