Roland RE-201 Space Echo Now Available As Roland Cloud Plug-in

Roland let us know that their RE-201 Space Echo, a classic tape echo effect from 1974, is now be available as a plug-in on Roland Cloud.

They say that the plugin “remains true to the genuine analog character of the original, and now it is accessible in your DAW.”


  • Iconic tape delay and echo sounds with multiple head combinations and spring reverb
  • Resizable, high-resolution interface
  • Extended parameters for new sounds and modern production techniques
  • Six tape-speed LFO shapes with tempo sync, plus rate and depth controls
  • Ability to adjust the physical condition of the unit, tape wow and flutter, and motor torque
  • VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

Roland RE-201 Space Echo Video Demo:

See the Roland site for details.

19 thoughts on “Roland RE-201 Space Echo Now Available As Roland Cloud Plug-in

  1. Roland RCM service continiously pings multiple servers.
    What data is submitted to and others ?
    If we block them under macOS, RCM takes over 100% CPU !
    Until that wasn’t adressed we won’t invest into Roland Cloud Anymore!

    1. The cherry audio one is fine. And I got with my nektar midi keyboard. I’m surprised this has been left so long by Roland to the point there’s other alternatives inc footprints. The Re201 pedal has even been revised once ready. The only off pitting thing this it’s subscription based. The korg collection atleast you can buy. I got it early with my legacy collection. And ms20 controller. Paid a minimum upgrade for v2 and got an extra synth or two. Back in G4/dual binary tismes. I remember the legacy collection was one of the 1st pieces of software to use altivec extentions which helped the early power pc processors with using dual cup’s.
      No. I’ll stick with cherry audio. I own it. It’s getting bad enough to switch the on pc/mac ( I have both as well as 2 more pcs connected via a hp pro curve switch) and have ur audio drivers. DAW and plug in company’s all having to be signed into just to get ur system working. I was gonna say I came from a time when ur music pc wasn’t connected to the net. You authentication u did an another pc connected to the Web for fear of loosing work. Now u have no choice. Truth is I come from a time of the b/w atari and the falcon version of cubase audio comming out. I’m getting old! But I’m going back to hardware. As much as possible. Digital signage is getting too much. And that’s where alot of my generation stand and that’s b4 considering the sound quality of a plug in

      1. Hahaha……Came here for the knowledge….leave with a bonus sincere laugh!…..will love to partee with you crj some day!

  2. Boss’s own space echo pedal doesn’t sound as close to the real space echo as Line6’s DL4 mk2. Maybe they improved it with the VST?

  3. I miss my original tape based RE-201. Trying to remember what my rig was back then but my best guess is:
    Dyno-My-Piano Rhodes Stage 73
    Oberheim Modular 8 Voice
    Crumar T2 Organ
    Korg MS-20 Synth

  4. If roland were cool they’d go through the trouble of making an actual tape machine echo like Echo Fix does. the fact that you have to turn to third party companies for things like authentic 303s, 909s, 808s, 101s, and 201 space echos, shows that roland is incapable of maintaining the legacy they forever attempt to milk with their digital emulations.

    1. Roland is primarily a company whose main operations involve making CNC manufacturing equipment now (people are usually surprised to hear this), the whole Roland Cloud and Boutiques thing is just to maintain brand value. There’s no passion there.

      Contrast with all the incredible stuff Korg have done over the same timeframe, and the electroacoustic stuff they have coming up.

      1. Whilst I agree with you that Korg have done some amazing things, I disagree with Roland just doing Cloud and Boutiques.
        The MC-707 is one of the best grooveboxes I have used (and I’ve used a LOT, I like grooveboxes!). Yeah, the Zen core is a bit menu divey to edit etc, but it’s so deep.
        Also the SH-4d. It’s a great little synth with the great addition all of Roland’s classic drums.
        TR-8S is probably one of the best drum machines on the market right now.
        SP-404 MK2 is apparently quite good (I haven’t tried it, I’m an Akai man!).
        That’s just what I can quickly think of right now.

      2. ‘i do not agree! Roland is now making so many really great music products that it probably is the best broad music equipment manufacturer out there. Korg is also doing great but Roland and BOSS products are often outstanding for the price quality and features.
        From synths to pedals to loopers to grooveboxes, samplers, electronic drumkits amplifiers and drummachines Roland leads. Their weak spot might be the lack of analogue synths but there are plenty of others that make those.

        1. whoever is in charge of BOSS is doing things right. they have maintained all of their classic pedals since the 80s, and still produce plenty of analog gear that musicians expect

          If echofix can make a tape echo, roland surely has the resources to do the same, the parts are still being manufactured. even if roland’s tape echos were expensive, people would buy them

          its a lack of passion for their history. they milk the brand, but the instruments people want are not on offer.

  5. everyone wants the real analogue tape echo from Roland, we don’t need another VST. there are better VST’s for that!!

    1. I don’t think it’s practical for a big company to make hardware tape echos anymore.

      Echo Fix makes the best tape echo ever, but it’s $2000, so not very many people can afford the real thing.

  6. There’s plenty of Space echo VSTs out there. I use Outer Space by Audi thing

    I wish they’d done the RE-501 instead.

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