Guitar Sounscapes With Ebow & csGrain

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via RanKirlian, captures several soundscapes for guitar and iPad with csGrain.

Here are the technical details:

A brief collection of 3 improvised soundscapes and patches on CSGrain for iPad with my guitar and an Ebow.

The audio chain is: guitar to Lexicon Omega to iPad, then processed by csGrain and the audio output goes back to the Omega and this to Sonar on the PC thru the EMU 1820m.

I’ve included the camcorder mic sound on the last patch (from minute 5:03 to 6:30 ) because I loved the sound generated by the collision of strings with the ebow while vibrating and found it fitting pretty well with the soundscape. I hope you like it.

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