Discrete Energy II

http://soundcloud.com/mm_preview_audiofiles/discrete-energy-ii-sample-pack Max Million has released a new sound library, the second and final part of the Discrete Energy series: Discrete Energy II provides the backbone for Glitch | IDM | Breaks or other forms of EDM music production. Includes 443 MB of highly original and inspiring audio content. Every sample is as usable and fresh as humanly… Read More Discrete Energy II

Robert Moog, EDM Pioneer

The LA Times reports that Robert Moog, ‘EDM pioneer’ has been inducted into the Inventors Hall Of Fame.. We’re glad to see Moog get well-deserved recognition – even if it’s for throwing down sick beats, dropping the bass and all that EDM stuff that he’s so well known for.

How To Play EDM On Your Guitar

Reader Jesse Gilsbach (3rd Earth) made this video to demonstrate how guitarists can play EDM and other of electronic music, using a standard guitar. Gilsbach uses a Roland GK-3 pickup, connected to a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer. This is connected via USB to his computer, running Ableton Live 8.

Music Theory For EDM

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDB350FF258AD8E4C Music Theory For EDM is a series of tutorial videos that look at scales, harmonies and rhythm in the context of electronic dance music. Topics covered include major/minor scales, chords, inversions, natural and harmonic minor scales, chord root movement, polyrhythm, nested rhythms and tension and release. via Konnekta