8 thoughts on “Robert Moog, EDM Pioneer

  1. As Einstein will say: “Everything is relative; it depends on your frame of reference. Different observers see different things if they are in different reference frame…” if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. hahahaaaaa that’s hilarious! EDM!?!?! Man, do people in the states use that term much? Cos it didn’t really catch on here (Australia) thank fuck! Years ago i used to see the acronym EBM, generally played at ‘goth’ clubs (Electric Body Music) which i never understood…

  3. To the author, perhaps that sounds cool. Maybe in the 70s they would have called him a “prog rock pioneer”.

  4. Well if dudes like Moroder and Cerrone were using Moogs then that makes him an EDM pioneer as much as anybody I suppose…but I really can’t say what synths they were actually using…

  5. Much Respect to Moog! Funny how “Classical Music” encompasses a wide range of styles… and it works in a simple generic way. Or Country music… Rock, Metal, etc etc…. Get over it people… In Germany some people call it all Techno.. but they dont sit and argue about Juan atkins and Detroit the moment someone says the T word.

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