19 thoughts on “Serge Modular Takes A ‘Sentimental Journey

      1. >This is music, maybe you don’t recognize it?

        So all music is binary. It exists, so like it? I agree with the poster above that this felt like a train wreck. Either part on it’s own, with some help on those flat sung notes, could have worked, but together it made me reach for the stop button.

        > For an example of a waste of gear, watch any Richard Devine video.

        Often true there! But let me be the butthead police and point out that you slammed a guy for his musical preferences in sentence one, and then stated yours in sentence two as if that was totally ok.

        1. I think he was referring to the first rude person’s comment in which he said “buy all that gear” when in fact, the gear was built by hand. So, he was pointing out that your assumption was wrong. You don’t have to like the music, obviously. But you also dont have to write rude comments on something. If you dont like it, Why bother? Bored? Have no life? Obviously. I smell a troll- must be you.

            1. I listened again after being accused of being a troll, and watched some of the other videos on youtube. The music is still awful even if the hardware is impressive.

              1. “I feel like being an ass hole abd criticizing music that I dont like publicly, for the sole purpose of being rude. When I could really just ignore and not listen to it again, but I prefer to be negative instead. ” = troll

                1. Alexander, my sole purpose, my aim was to accurately convey how hideously poor this music was, this I feel I have succeed in, this is not trolling, you may not agree with how I went about it, and to be fair It probably did come across a little harsh – but this music is really really bad so I stand by it in the hope it will dissuade them for perpetrating this crime again. Your comments however are a truly exceptional example of trolling in that you’ve not only managed to do exactly what you’ve incorrectly accused me of doing but also have made no comments of your own about the music – you’ve simply inserted yourself into someone else’s conversation for no good reason – trolltastic.

                  1. Actually, I went out of my way to thumbs up their video personally and I also commented on other avenues to let them know how much I enjoyed their music. It’s a pity you have such negative feelings toward their music, which is actually only your opinion. I have noticed so many people giving them compliments and only you have decided to stay negative. You are right, you came off very harsh and I believe it was uncalled for. Their music is not a crime in anyway, and it is not up to you to decide if they should continue making. It also seems the fans they have would like them to continue doing so.

  1. Points for weird overall charm, a great vocal and musical use of a Serge outside the usual academic squonks. I’m all for anything that more obviously humanizes synths. This piece just kept getting, um, “funkier” as the percolation developed. Acoustic counterpoints are one of the best friends e-music has, even if its the work of a sampler. Here’s an excellent example of how to blend the two and hit the mark.

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