Plant-Controlled Synthesis Platform, MIDI Sprout, Is Fully Funded

MIDI Sprout – a platform that is designed to let plants play synthesizers in real time – has been fully funded as a Kickstarter project.

The platform is part biofeedback and part data sonfication:

Each MIDI Sprout comes with two probes that measure small electrical currents across the surface of a plant’s leaf. When applied to a human this is called the galvanic skin response (GSR). GSR readings provide insight into humans’ inner emotional states and are the basis of simple lie detector circuits.

The MIDI Sprout converts these fluctuations into MIDI notes and controls that can be read by synthesizers and computers. This information can be scaled and played through synthesizers or used to activate pre-programmed sonic environments.

MIDI Sprout is fully funded, with four days left for the Kickstarter fundraiser. The kit is available for US $90 to backers.

10 thoughts on “Plant-Controlled Synthesis Platform, MIDI Sprout, Is Fully Funded

  1. This makes me change my recommendation of my treatment, if I ever hit my head and go braindead.

    Don’t pull the plug.

    Of course, my new band might prove to be rather macabre on live situations.

  2. I’ve been so looking forward to this. I want to expand my sound meditations by using this. I imagine Data-Garden feeding into Camel Audio Alchemy as I play a shakuhachi processed through Abelton live as people lay on mats in a botanical garden. Living Cymatic frequencies baby.

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