It’s Thursday – Have You Had Your Difficult Music Fix For The Week?

Kara Feely and Travis Just’s Innova is an experimental opera about ‘cosmopolitan decay and colliding languages’.

Here’s the official description:

Five vocalists maintain an extensive live/work space that becomes an urban grotto of revised and invented topographies. Sifting through a baroque landscape of objects, tools, and scale models of unusual landmarks, the performers transform the stimulus around them into intricate sequences of action, diagrammatic displays, and a vigorous instrumental score.

Innova is performed in English as well as Turkish, German, French, Spanish, and Hebrew, with English supertitles.

We’re pretty sure there’s some gibberish thrown in their, too. 

Innova premieres at Abrons Arts Center May 13-22. Approximate run time is three hours.

via ImmanentDiscursivity

12 thoughts on “It’s Thursday – Have You Had Your Difficult Music Fix For The Week?

  1. Yea, I'm not a fan of incomprehensible nonsense. If that's your bag, okay, but don't try to pass this off as "deep". It's just garbage.

  2. Once Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd do a parody of this, everyone'll be on board.

    Me likey. It's fun. It's crazy. Not as predictable as such things can be. Maybe Diamanda Galas will stroll for for a aria.

    And'mIalwaysimpressedbypeoplewhocansaythingsreallyquickly–no kidding, I get tongue tied just thinking about a modern major general.

  3. By the looks of first 10 mins, pretty straightforward dada style.
    Liked the first part. Pretty perfect inversion of a Michael Jackson show (glove and all).
    Subsequent mime was more non-impressive.

    Nearly full marks for effort though.
    Trying to do anything against the gale of couch potatoes booing and fondling their shiny toys without even brushing against the limits of said shiny toys. Sigh.

  4. I would happily recreate this in your kitchen in return for vast amounts of money. I have my hammer at the ready.

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