Moog Documentary in Production

Production is underway on documentary on Bob Moog, Moog synthesizers, and the effects Moog has had on today’s culture. Shooting began over the summer.

The documentary is being filmed by Hans Fjellestad. Shooting started over the summer in Asheville, NC, at the factory of Moog Music. the filmakers visited the factory to see how Minimoog Voyagers and Moogerfoogers were made. They also interviewed Bob Moog.

Shooting will continue around the world, including Tokyo, New York and London. The soundtrack will feature musicians that use Moog equipment, including a who’s who of electronica: Stereolab, The Neptunes, Devo, The Cure, Suzanne Ciani, DJ Spooky and others.

The is scheduled to be completed in 2004. Details can be found at the Moog Movie site.

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