Are you ready to be Kompressed? Kompressor, the demented deliverer of seriously funny industrial songs, has made his twisted music available for free mp3 download.

Andreas K as KompressorKompressor is artist Andreas K. According to the Kompressor site, he was born in Bremen, Germany and “come to united states of america for computerprogram job. now dedicated to crushing america with industrial might”. His instruments are “synth, crush, fear and death”.

Kompressor’s music is a strange mix of children song lyrics and industrial music. If Kraftwerk, Chris and Cosey, and the Children’s Television Workshop got together to make some music, it might sound something like Kompressor. Or it might not.

The lyrics to “Never talk to strangers” give you an idea of Kompressor’s unique style:

“If you see van
Do not get into
The man inside will try to abduct you
You will be far from your mom and dad
And you will be dead or at least very sad

Do yourself a favor
Do not talk to strangers
Do yourself a favor
Never talk to strangers”

The Kompressor site is worth a visit, maybe even a bookmark! It features Kompressor’s industrial take on “The Girl from Ipanema”, which made me blow coffee out my nose. High compliments indeed.

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