CreamWare Introduces REstore Audio Restoration Package

Creamware osiris denoiserCreamWare has introduced a new sonic restoration package, REstore, for the SCOPE DSP platform.

REstore is based on the new osirisXP plug-in for the SCOPE platform. It includes a DeClicker, a DeCrackler, and a DeNoiser and provides high-end quality as expected by the audiophiles. REstore directly compares to the best solutions available on the professional market.

osirisXP contains three specialized processors removing clicks, scratches and crackling, and noise and other unwanted homogenous signals. Using a combination of three different highly specialized methods allows for osirisXP to deliver outstanding results with virtually every application.

DeClicker: Removes heavy clicks from vinyl and shellac records as well as clicks caused by digital clipping, data errors, ESD, etc. A range of 5 different interpolation algorithms is available. These algorithms can be selected during playtime – for perfect and quick adaptation to the signal being processed.

DeCrackler: A powerful tool for removing crackling. Especially suitable for processing signals from vinyl and shellac records. Even signal distortion caused, for example, by digital clipping can significantly be reduced using the DeCrackler.

DeNoiser: This module does not only eliminate all kinds of noise but is also capable of effectively reducing unwanted signals such as humming, background noise, reverberation, etc. For example, the DeNoiser automatically removes or decreases largely all kinds of homogenous background noise such as hissing, humming, noise caused by camera movements or air conditioners, etc.. It also allows for an efficient cleaning of badly recorded talks or telephone conversions used in criminal investigation. The creation of noise profiles allows for a perfect preparation of individual applications.

Signal conditioning in REstore is complemented by the high-grade PSY-Q psycho-acoustic processor . PSY-Q is a powerful tool for sound improvement: It creates a convincing punchy bass and a silky and airy treble range, making the entire mix more transparent and differentiated. PSY-Q can grade up any recordings and is the perfect finish of the restoration process.


  • REstore is an all-inclusive pack for professional audio restoration. It includes: osirisXP Restoration: DeClicker, DeCrackler, DeNoiser
  • PSY-Q Psycho Acoustic Processor
  • DSP Board SCOPE home
  • tripleLE Editor

Creamware REStoreIncludes SCOPE home with 4 I/Os (can be extended to up to 52 I/Os). A wide range of drivers is supported, and an ultra-low latency driver is provided.

Includes tripleLE (Light Edition) audio editor with MP3 and CDR support. tripleLE is a light edition of the latest generation of our legendary tripleDAT workstation classic. It offers simple and intuitive audio editing from recording to the finished CD.

For more information, see the Creamware site.

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