Yorkville Introduces Adrenalin Club Sound System

Yorkville AdrenalinNAMM Winter Show: Yorkville’s new Adrenalin Series has been designed as an ideal club system loudspeaker solution. Tuned specifically to excel when reproducing pre-recorded source material, the Adrenalin Series delivers maximum performance from cabinets built with full system mobility in mind.

The first two cabinets released in the Adrenalin Series are the 400-watt single 15-inch / 1-inch loaded Adrenalin A15 loudspeaker, and the 800-watt A215S dual 15-inch front-loaded Subwoofer.

The Adrenalin A15 loudspeaker is the premier full range cabinet in the line. A custom designed ABS horn assembly with 1- inch throat delivers the high frequency component across a wide 90°(h) x 60°(v) field while the singe heavy-duty 15-inch driver handles the bottom end. The A15 delivers a crushing 124dB maximum SPL, employs Yorkville’s proven PTC™ high frequency component protection, and is tuned for recorded music playback.

A15 and A215S The A215S passive subwoofer delivers a maximum 132dB SPL in the vital 45 to 150Hz range. This 800-watt dual 15-inch front loaded bass reflex subwoofer design makes it the perfect bottom end support for the A15 full range cabinet. An internal crossover network allows the entire system to be powered by a single power amplifier (like the AudioPro AP4040 or A4.4) with one simple hook up, and without additional signal processing.

All cabinets in the Adrenalin line are manufactured from solid 15mm birch plywood simply because the MDF (medium density fiberboard) or particleboard often used in competitive loudspeakers isn’t necessarily the best solution for long rattle free life in high-powered club system cabinets. Speakon™ and 1/4-inch input connections are provided to ensure convenient connectivity, integrated stand mount adaptors, solid bar handles, perforated all metal grills and a rugged carpet covering ensure maximum mobility and long term reliability for the road or club.

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