n-Track Releases Version 4.2 Update

An update to n-Track Studio, an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder for Windows, has just been released.

Main changes from v4.1.6 to v4.2

  • 64 bit mixing and processing option
  • n-Track DirectX plug-ins support for 64 bit processing
  • n-Track Drums plug-in: drums sampler and drum machine
  • Regions of the song where clipping occurred are now highlighted on the timeline axis
  • “Scan song for clipping” Edit menu command
  • Enhancements to MIDI external hardware control surfaces configuration dialog box

What is n-Track Studio?

n-Track Studio is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder for
Windows. A complete recording studio in your PC: all you need is a
soundcard and some free space on your hard disk to store audio data.
The program supports simultaneous recording from multiple 16 and 24 bit
soundcards, and real-time audio effects can be applied
non-destructively to each track, allowing the user to listen
immediately to the result of a change in the parameters of an effect.
Built-in effects include Reverb, Dynamics, Multiband Compression, Echo,
Pitch Shift, Chorus Parmetric EQ, Linear Phase EQ & Spectrum

The program can use third party DirectX and VST plug-ins to process
in real-time audio signals in a number of different ways. Effects can
also be used to process the recorded signal in real-time so that the
computer can act as a multi-effects device. MIDI tracks can be imported
and exported to regular MIDI files, and edited using the built in
piano-roll based MIDI editing. When all the tracks have been recorded
and all the settings are correct, all the tracks can be mixed down to a
single wave file for recording it to an audio CD using a CD recorder or
for distributing an mp3 version through the Internet.

64 bit version

Starting from version 4.1.5 n-Track is available in both 32 bit and
64 bit (x64) versions. The 64 bit version runs on x64 versions of
Windows and can fully exploit the power of 64 bit CPUs. The 32 bit and
the 64 bit versions are two separate setups that can be installed
independently. The 64 bit version does NOT work or install on 32 bit
versions of Windows, even if the CPU is 64 bit capable.

More information is available at the ntrack site.

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