New Documentary, Podcast, to Feature Synth Pioneer Dave Smith

Prophet VNo Island Media has announced plans to make a documentary and synth tutorials with legendary synth pioneer Dave Smith.

Dave Smith is an American audio engineer who arguably played as
large a part as Bob Moog in the development of the modern synthesizer.
Smith?€™s Sequential Circuits created many revered synths, including the Prophet 5
(above right), the first microprocessor-based synth. Smith also
proposed the MIDI standard in 1981, which has been incorporated into
nearly every synth in the last 25 years.

No Island Media, a digital media production company specializing in
short-form reality programmes for and about creative professionals,
plans to produce a documentary about Dave Smith and tutorials for the
PolyEvolver keyboard.

The documentary begins production in April 28, 06 in St. Helena,
California and will be released in May 2006. Free edits of the
programming will be formatted for digital download, including free
segments for streaming internet, rss/atom feeds, quicktime, windows,
bit torrent, phone, psp, tivo and iTunes. Full digital downloads will
be available for purchase at, at the Google Video Store
and select web retailers. The documentary and tutorials will also be
available on DVD in June 2006.

?€œWith Dave Smith?€™s documentary we find the world of
micro-production and custom documentaries coming into a new level of
maturity.?€ says No Island?€™s Executive Director Trevor Andrews.

?€œThis is a major figure in the synthesizer world. This is a man
that has empowers and inspired and entertained millions of musicians
and music lovers over the past few decades. It is the small production,
large distribution paradigm of the new video revolution that allows
people around the world to visit with a man of this caliber. Not having
to wait for the mass media is at the core of the video revolution.?€

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