Jean-Jacques Perrey on MySpace

Jean-Jacques PerreyJean-Jacques Perrey, electro-pop/lounge Moog pioneer, has a MySpace page.

Not much to it yet, but he’s alive and kicking and working on a tour:

“I love the “X-Files” and collect Sci-Fi comics! I am serious about humour as seriousness must be taken humorously. I am currently working on a New record in the MIX stage with my friend Dana Countryman..that sounds very much like the old Vanguard days but Modernized a bit. I will be coming to Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles for a Record Release this summer 2006. I hope to see many of you!”

Perrey was one of the first musician’s to adopt the Moog, and had several hits, including E.V.A. Perrey’s music is unrelentingly upbeat and quirky. In fact, he has a new upbeat and quirky CD coming out, a collaboration with Dana Countryman, a musician that’s done a great deal to promote and preserve strange and unusual music.

In the last few years, he has been rediscovered by DJs looking for samples and synth fans listening to his music with fresh ears.

Countryman has been working with Perrey also, helping to preserve Perrey rarities, performing with him, and getting him into the studio. Here’s video of Perrey and Countryman performing in Berlin tracks like E.V.A. and La Funambule de L’Espace.

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