Ryuichi Sakamoto Remix Project

BricolagesAcademy and Grammy award-winning composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto returned to his electropop roots with the 2005 release of his 15th solo project, Chasm. Now Sakamoto has turned the files over to 13 electronic artists for their stunning take on this critically acclaimed release.

Bricolages is the first Ryuichi Sakamoto Remix Project Since ‘98’s critically acclaimed “Prayer” / “Salavation & Anger” / “Grief Series.” Bricolages features new interpretations of tracks by previous Sakamoto collaborators including Cornelius, Fennesz, and Alva Noto, and marks the first work with artists like Craig Armstrong, Richard Devine, Rob da Bank and Slicker.

With Chasm, Sakamoto set out to combine the many sides of his complex musical personality, “My music has been acoustic or electronic, classical or non-classical, somehow always divided largely into two types. My own goal for a long time has been to somehow fuse these into one music rather than juxtaposing them. I feel that this time, with Chasm, I’ve gotten the closest to resolving the issue,” Sakamoto says.

Sakamoto’s best-known work is probably the soundtrack to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, but in 1987, his score for Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor won him an Oscar, a Grammy, a Golden Globe, as well as the New York, Los Angeles and British Film Critics Association awards for best original soundtrack.

Bricolages track listing

  • “War&Peace” (AOKI Takamasa Remix)
  • “Undercooled” (Skuli Sverrisson Remix)
  • “War&Peace” (Cornelius Remix)
  • “20 msec.” (Fennesz Remix)
  • “Undercooled” (Alva Noto remodel)
  • “World Citizen” (Taylor Deupree Remix)
  • “Only Love Can Conquer Hate” (snd. Remix)
  • “Seven Samurai” (Richard Devine Remix)
  • “Word” (Rob Da Bank & Mr. Dan Remix)
  • “20 msec.” (Craig Armstrong Remix)
  • “NGO/bitmix” (Slicker Remix)
  • “Break With” (Steve Jansen Remix)
  • “Motopiate” (Thomas Knak)

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