Lambert – Essential

Spheric Music, Das Label für Elektronische Musik, recently sent us a “best of” CD by Lambert Ringlage, Essential.

Lambert (Ringlage performs under his first name) has been creating and publishing music since the late 1980’s. He published several solo cassette tapes independently early on, and since the early 90’s he has published multiple CDs. Lambert’s not well-known in the US, but his music is available from Amazon and other Internet music stores.

Essential is a collection of tracks, released in 2000, of solo synth music. Most of the tracks are taken from earlier albums, but there are also two previously unreleased tracks, Floating In Magic and Glider.

The tracks on Essential are in the classic synth-music style; while they are full of synths and drum machines, they bear little influence of more recent electronica. Throughout the CD, Lambert uses layers of bright interlocking synth sequences, blending analog and digital synths and spicing them here and there with samples.

Highlights of the CD include SUN, a hypnotic, sequence-driven track; Two Worlds, which offers a break from the sequences and explores a more ambient, reflective mood, before building into a more driving second half; and White Light, which recalls the Hyperborea days of TD.

Fans of Elektronische Musik, especially the early digital sound of Berlin-school artists like Tangerine Dream, will want to check out Lambert. There are sample tracks of his music at the Spheric Music site.


  • Light Sky
  • Sun
  • Successive Pictures
  • Energetic
  • Two Worlds
  • Return
  • Voyage To Nowhere
  • Open Sky
  • White Light
  • Floating In Magic
  • Glider

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