Musikmesse 2007: The Lionstracs Mediastation X-76


Musikmesse Update: Lionstracs announced the Mediastation X-76, a next generation music workstation & performance keyboard that looks like it will be a direct competitor to the OpenLabs line of keyboard computer workstations.

The Mediastation is based on Linux and AMD’s 32-bit Athlon or 64-bit Opteron CPUs. It is designed for live performers, one-man bands, disc jockeys, karaoke, multitrack recording and mastering, MIDI sequencing and digital video production.

The sound generation system is based on a combination between DSP and software synthesis: a total of 256 voices provided by DREAM DSP chips to provide GM/GS sounds. In addition to hardware DSPs, an additive/subtractive softsynth is provided for synthetic sounds and a software sampler that can stream multi Gigabyte samples in GIG format directly from disk.

The X-76 provides independent MIDI players with real time transpose, tempo variation, track mute / MIDI CC manipulation mapped to faders and buttons. A dual deck of MP3/WAV/CDDA/OGG-Vorbis players is provided equipped with high quality pitchshifting /timestretching engines ideal for DJs that want to perform live beatmatching. Video capabilities include DVD/DVIX/MPEG/AVI playback, video editing through the Mainactor software suite.

The architecture is completely open and most of the software empowering the Mediastation X-76 will be released under the GPL open source license which allows for royalty-free third party developer contribution and extension of audio libraries and applications. Customers get free automated software upgrades delivered by connecting the keyboard to the internet through a LAN cable.

Prices start from 2990 Euros. The Mediastation X-76 is expected to be available starting from Q2 2004.

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