PowerFX Releases New Piano Virtual Instrument

Grand ColourPowerFX has announced the release of Grand Colour, a new virtual instrument piano library from Colour Sonics. The library has been split up into individual downloads of particular pianos with each download including patches for Kontakt 1, 2.1 and HALion.

The acoustic pianos consist of the Bösendorfer 290, the Steinway D, the Baldwin Vertical and the Yamaha C7. Each piano has been recorded in Moscow, by Russian classical recording engineers using up to 20 different stereo dynamic levels for 40 seconds plus release and noise layers in a perfectly acoustically tuned environment. The end results are highly accurate emulations of these legendary instruments. The Bösendorfer download is $89 and the other pianos are $59 each.

Also available for download are the Colour Sonics “Vintage Electric Pianos” collection including the Wurlitizer, the Rhodes MKI and II and the Yamaha CP-80. Each download contains multiple presets and patches for HALion and Kontakt 1-2.1. These electric piano downloads cost $29 each.

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