Blue Cat Audio Updates Parametr’EQ Series to Version 3.1

Blue Cat Audio Updates Parametr'EQ Series to Version 3.1

Blue Cat Audio has released an update of the Blue Cat’s Parametr’EQ series, their new EQ series providing the best of the digital and analog worlds, thanks to non-linear modeling capabilities. This is a maintenance release bringing a few bug fixes and minor enhancements. The upgrade is free for V3.0 customers, and the special introduction offers (-20%) still applies.

New in Blue Cat’s ParametrEQ series 3.1:

  • Frequency ranges have been enlarged
  • Skins update (Stereo and Widening plug-ins): some sliders did not have the color of the corresponding channel
  • Bug fix (VST): in some hosts, when a loading a project, the parameters where not properly restored and the response curve was flat
  • Bug fix (skinning): knobs did not display the disabled state image


  • Blue Cat’s Parametr’EQ: 55.20 EUR (instead of 69 EUR), or USD 69 (instead of USD 86.25)
  • Blue Cat’s Stereo Parametr’EQ: 63.20 EUR (instead of 79 EUR), or USD 79 (instead of USD 98.75)
  • Blue Cat’s Widening Parametr’EQ: 69.60 EUR (instead of 87 EUR), or USD 87 (instead of USD 108.65)

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