The Ice Instruments Of Terje Isungset

Ice Festival Music

OT: Terje Isungset makes instruments out of ice and performs at nordic ice festivals.

Most of the information on him and his music seems to be in Norwegian, but here’s the official blurb on it from his label:

The instruments are made from top quality ice. It must be free of any air bubbles. The instruments are carved using saws and knives. So far these instruments have been created and recorded: Iceofon, Ice Harp, Ice Horn, Ice trumpet, Ice percussion, Ice bass drum carved from one block of ice. In addition, all stands, supports and tables are also made from ice. Only the bass drum pedal, fish line for suspension, and the strings on the Ice Harp are made from materials other than pure frozen water.

Here’s a video, Ice Fuzion, that is a collaboration between ice artist Peter Wasilewski & Isungset:

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4 thoughts on “The Ice Instruments Of Terje Isungset

  1. I love bizarre stuff like this.

    If you’re going to live where it’s cold all the time, you might as well do something cool !

  2. Listened to radio 4 today 8 Feb 2011 and loved your music. First time I had heard of ice music being performed in concert at a festival. I have seen people making sounds with icicles and have watched Pingu, who made music with Ice, I really would like to be able to be there….Book me a place when the Northern lights are prominent and reindeer skins are available and the ice is tuneful…. : )

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