New iPhone Drum Machine

Joining an rapidly growing number of iPhone music apps is the IR-909, a software version of the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine:

IR-909 is a drum machine for the iPhone inspired by the Roland TR-909. IR-909 features a 16-step sequencer, 4 patterns and 8 different drum sounds. To change the value of any property in IR-909, you press and hold on the property button you want to change while holding your phone fairly parallel to the ground and tilt your phone

6 thoughts on “New iPhone Drum Machine

  1. So I won’t need to travel the world making music with a laptop studio soon then… wicked!!!

    Does anyone know if there is a good audio recording solution for the iphone?

  2. I haven’t seen anything like that yet, but there are iPod recording setups, so iPhone ones can’t be too far off!

  3. @Ambient Relaxation M

    There is a program simply called "4 track" that is a 4 track recorder. Also has different metronome sounds (although not standard techno thump-thump-thump unfortunatly.

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