Apache Vs Electronica

These video mashups pit Tommy Seebach’s cheesetacular Apache video against classic electronica tracks:

Apache My Bitch Up

Air – Kelly Watch The Stars (Moog Cookbook Remix)

Apache Vs Chemical Brothers

Apache vs Voodoo People

Apache – the “Come to Daddy” mix

This gets my vote as the scariest mashup:

It just goes to show – any song can be mashed up with the Apache video. There’s plenty more at the

2 thoughts on “Apache Vs Electronica

  1. Whatta great way to start the weekend! My favorite of the ebunch is”Air – Kelly Watch The Stars (Moog Cookbook Remix)” with the “Apache My Bitch Up” next.

    Nice one!

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  2. There are tons more of these crazy videos at YouTube. My favorite is an AC/DC mashup. It fits perfectly with the guitarists in the video.

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