Turn Your NES Into A Drum Synthesizer

Tony Amendolare at ElectroKraft has introduced Super Synth Drums – an NES cartridge that runs the machine into a drum synth.

Super Synth Drums is a genuine Nintendo NES cartridge that transforms your original NES, or clone system (Yobo, Generation Nex) into an 8 bit percussion instrument. Just plug the cartridge into your Nintendo NES system (or clone), and connect to an amplifier or TV for audio.

Super Synth Drums sells for $49.


  • Controller #1: Each button on Controller #1 produces a different 8 bit percussion sound.
  • Controller #2: Adds several varieties (rate/speeds) of pulsing/looping effect to any of the 8 percussion sounds produced by Controller #1.
  • You can use the original NES controllers, new 3rd party controllers, or ElectroKraft’s custom controller, the ” Sonic DrumAxe”, to play true 8 bit percussion from your Nintendo NES system.

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