Circuit Bending Barbie

One of the stranger projects we’ve seen recently is Casper Electronics’ circuit-bent double Barbie karaoke machines.

In the video, sounds are generated by the modular synth (right) and two heavily modified barbie karaoke machines which have been mounted into a single housing (top left).

The synth is feeding through and being processed by one of the Barbies. The second Barbie is generating it’s own sounds. Both Barbies are being controlled by the step sequencer (bottom left). Watch the lights on the step sequencer to see how it corresponds with the sound.

The synth is being controlled by the Pulse divider (bottom center) and melody sequencer (top right).

All three sequencers are sync’d together using a common clock signal.

For more info:

Double barbie:…

Modular Synth and Melody Sequencer:…

Pulse Divider (aka Master Divider):…

Step Sequencer:…

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