Homegrown Sounds Release Astralis Orgone, Orgone Lite VST Instruments

Homegrown Sounds has introduced Orgone & Orgone Lite, VST instruments designed for creating “exotic landscapes, hypnotic rhythms and organic sound.”


Orgone is suitable for any use, but excels at Pads/Atmospheres and BPM based Rhythmic Sequences. It has a customizable randomize system which makes creating new patches on the fly, an instantly rewarding process.

It consists of 2 identical synth sections which use samples as the sound source, capable of loading any 16/24/32bit WAV files. The WAVs are organised into banks, adding a bank means simply adding a folder of samples which are then accessible via the GUI. The WAVs internal loop points are used by default, though custom loops can easily be visually selected via the loop tuner. Other features of the synth sections include drive, noise, lofi and normalize.

Orgone has a large selection of BPM synced Rhythmic options which includes 2 Modulation Sequencers, an Arpeggiator/Note Sequencer, a Trancegate and a programmable Gapper. The modulation sequencers are used via the extensive modulation matrix to send to any destination, and additionally the polyphonic Sequencer can be used to directly send to the Pitch of either Synth. The Arpeggiator has the usual options plus the ability to mute slots and act as a Note Sequencer.


The fully featured Microtuner works directly with scala files, opening up the scala database of 3500+ tuning files for use within Orgone, plus a large selection of interesting tunings are also included as standard. There are several different layout options for how the notes are mapped across the keyboard, as well as Hz tuning, root note adjust, and octave stretch settings for emulating acoustic instruments. The Microtuner can be switched on per Synth which opens up the possibility of layering Equal Temperement with the selected microtonal patch, which is especially interesting when using a 12 tone scale such as Meantone or Just tuning.


The FX section plays a large role in creating the sounds and contains Reverb, Organic, Stereo Delay, Echo, Flanger, LFO Filter, Clipper, Ring Modulator and an 8 Band EQ. Organic is a unique effect great used in conjunction with the flanger for creating Organic Pads. Each Synth Section has an independent FX send allowing varying amounts of effect per synth section. There is also a custom FX Routing system which allows 127 different routing combinations as well as Parallel Mode. Any possible combination can be selected which can drastically change the sound of the FX, creating a huge amount of sonic possibilities.

Randomization Options

Orgone has advanced randomization options, every section has its own randomization button, and additionally there is a Master randomize button as well as an FX randomize button. There is a randomization mixer panel which controls which sections these buttons will affect giving fine control over random patch creation. Every randomizable parameter has been carefully selected and limited to a useful range to maximize the possibility of a useful patch. For every Randomize button there is also a default which will reset that section to its default settings, as well as a Master default which will reset most sections back to their default state.

Orgone is a powerful synth with many advanced features and much effort has gone into attempting to make a logical and functional GUI. Each control has also been designed with double click resets and CTRL fine control adjustments. Although Orgone is powerful by nature, it is possible to use the synth on a simple level and gradually learn each section. Other features include Keyboard Zones, Keyboard Range Limiters (for Pitch Bend, Filter Cutoff, Modulation Sequencers and Arpeggiator), and three 32 step envelopes with repeat capabilities. There is also a 4 octave animated keyboard which displays incoming midi notes as well as acting as a ‘sticky’ keyboard for easily previewing/working on patches.

The full version of Orgone is priced at 30 (GBP) though can also be purchased as part of the Astralis VST Collection which includes all present and future Astralis products for a one-off price. Once purchased it is instantly available for download.

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