Synth T-Shirts

Last year, we highlighted Gear Addict and their selection of synth T-shirts. 

Another company specializing in synth t-shirts is Synthac:

Synthac was formed by a group of designers who love synthesizers. We have created lovingly crafted stylised illustrations of many synthesizers from the past and present and brought them to life inside the Synthac shop.

Our synthesizer illustrations can be bought on tshirts, canvas prints, magnets and stickers; all created to allow the synth freak to show appreciation for the synthesizer.

T-shirts are £20.00. 

Like Gear Addict, though, we give the site thumbs up on the t-shirt designs, thumbs down for the lack of hotties in synth t-shirts.

One thought on “Synth T-Shirts

  1. These guys do fridge magnets now. My fridge looks like a modular synthesizer now that I bought a set of Roland System 100m modules!! The quality is really high so they look absolutely great.


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