Trippy Fan Video For Klaus Schulze The Art Of Sequencing

Klaus Schulze can just about do no wrong, in my book – but I wish that he’d work with some visualists on some DVDs that capture the spirit of his music.

This fan video doesn’t quite fill the void – but it’s a reminder that Schulze is the godfather of techno.

3 thoughts on “Trippy Fan Video For Klaus Schulze The Art Of Sequencing

  1. Schulze is my favorite artist period. he needs to get over his hate of America and come back after that one horrible time over here. He does need to put more interesting DVD’s together but honstly I do like his old-school stuff where it’s mostly video of him playing while kneeling in front of a wall of synths. Though we can do without the 30 minutes of molten-iron pouring footage. 🙂

    But this video is f’n stupid tbh.

  2. Bluebrat – Schulze’s music cries out for visuals, though. Would love to see some great psychedelic videos to go with his music.

  3. I agree, but it’s tough. Last time I saw Philip Glass on his Monsters of Grace tour he had some absolutely shitty slow-motion 3-D video behind the group of performers and it was god awful and distracting.

    John Sierrie makes music for astronomic centers. That’s perfect for this. Go out in the back yard and night, lay down with some good scotch, put on the headphones and enjoy the show. 😀

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