Echoplex Drum Sequencer

Demo of Mike L’s  Nine Inch Nails-inspired Echoplex Drum Simulator, a Windows drum sequencer.

Current features:
Info so far:

  • Any two .wav sound files can be used (even your own!)
  • Beats Per Minute alterable from 1 to [Too fast for sane people]
  • Volume control possible for each track separately
  • Tone/Frequency control as well
  • Variable loop lengths have been added (2-32 “notes” for each track)
  • Saving/Loading almost instantaneous
  • Both slider bars for volume and both tone/frequency bars can be dragged at once with the “dot” in between them for symmetrically OCD people XD
  • “Prepare For Upload” button creates a .zip file that puts all files into one place to be uploaded to my soon to come community upload page, which will house drum loops created by people who use my software (and some of my own ^_^)

Here’s a fan video of the original NIN sequencer in action:

Nine Inch Nails – Echoplex (Live 2008-07-28 Edmonton AB) from Michael Callahan on Vimeo.

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