Henry Faber’s Wife Kicks Ass!

Henry Faber is “an information strategist and lover from way back”. He likes to listen to Frank Sinatra, Portishead and a little Massive Attack.

But this story isn’t about him. It’s about his wife, who officially kicks ass. 

He’s got photographic proof (above).

Check out Faber’s story:

“2 weeks before my actual birthday, a package arrived at the door.

My lovely Jennie thought it best that at 32, I should be expressing myself in every way possible.

She made my photographic dreams come true with my 40D. Now she’s offered me the chance of realizing my musical dreams with the awe-inspiring Tenori-On.

I’m only taking a moment to snap the box as I have a lot to do. I plan on cracking this baby open tonight.”

You can get the full story at Faber’s flickr site

Let me know if you’ve got a synth spouse story that tops Faber’s!

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