11 thoughts on “The Cure For The Curse Of Herbie Hancock? The Zen Riffer Solo Axe

  1. I’d like to see a portable version of that curved keyboard Jean-Michel Jarre played — he’s had some way out there controllers!

    I was listening to Jan Hammer jams in the iTunes Store yesterday and it just made me think of how I’d like to see him collab with Rudess.

  2. It looks like a giant mustache – but seriously, $3000 for a 2 octave controller? It looks like somebody tore up an Oxygen.
    I think the key (pun!) is that it can't have the body shape of a guitar, or the traditional color and shape of piano keys. I'd like to see something like a C-Thru Axis or the snyderphonics mantra in a shoulder hung format…

  3. Oops, I forgot I posted on here!
    Wow thats a long time ago… I hadn’t come up with a name for it by then!
    Its now the SYBLADE.

    Here’s a link to the finished keytar. I hope to upload more soon!

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