4 thoughts on “Making A Club Beat On The Neko

  1. First of all, they don’t make their beats on the Neko…they make them in Ableton Live, so there is nothing special when you write that they make them on the Neko, because Neko is just a pc in a synth box…so a better title could be : “making beats with Ableton Live on the Neko”…but..except this, they don’t show anything! Seriously, the camera is way too far for us to understand what is really going on with that “step recording” in Ableton Live…we just see two guys pressing some keys, playing some phrases and moving their heads…thats all…

  2. never thought I’d see where that stupid music came from, anyway making that kind of timbaland-wanna-be-sound seems fun in their way…Must say that even if its just a pc in a box with a midicontroller…I would like to have it……smaller.

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