2 thoughts on “Roland Gr-09 Guitar Synth

  1. I have purchased this GR-9 unit but i am facing few problems with it.
    1) The hold function sometimes is on hold only when I play and does not stops if I have to change the Chord while playing . I hve to switch on to the other tone to stop it while playing.

    2) There is a problem with the 13 pin cable and the jack, when I connect it to the GK -2 pick up there is a lose connection in it and i hve to keep adjusting the cable while playing. Many a times it does not even produces the sound of synth when I play due to lose contact.

    What do I do, please help me, or it will be waste of my money if i am not able to fix the problem.

    Bhushan Maloo
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Waiting for your suggestions and help.

  2. The old Roland synths can be repaired,I had one of the rack mount ones,and the repair tech said that parts were available, and if not,the new parts were interchangeable…
    Its the 13pin connector that will give you grief,delicate,finicky…and if one goes…they all do…

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